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Crislis Computing - Internet solutions We can provide, even maintain, every aspect of an internet presence that you might require.

Website design and build. You may be one of the fortunate few who have the technical knowledge, design skills and the software and time to design and build your own website. It is, however, far more likely that you lack at least one of these - if not more. This is where we come in. See what we can do for you. website design and build - more

Website hosting. The quality and cost of website hosting packages varies immensely. If you already have a website you might be trapped in an outdated and excessive price. If you haven't then you want to start with the best combination of quality and cost that you can get. See what we have to offer. Crislis Computing - Internet solutions - website hosting

Domain names. For an effective business website you really should have your own unique domain name. Again, it is easy to fall foul of organisations that grossly overcharge and/or do not give you adequate freedom to properly control and manage your own domain name. In our experience 123-Reg is a domain name registrar which charges very competitively and gives you a comprehensive domain control panel.Crislis Computing - Internet solutions - domain names

In summary, as we stated at the beginning, we can provide, even maintain, every aspect of an internet presence that you might require. Everything we do will be in consultation with you and we will never forget that it is YOUR website and domain.

If you are new to the internet, and are not sure what some of these terms mean or involve go to our Basic Guide to Websites More about websites

Are you satisfied with your present ISP? We have used Plus Net for many years during which they have consistently figured in the top half dozen.