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Crislis Computing - Consultation - Total Solutions   We offer a total solution for small businesses. Every aspect of your computer based needs is catered for. But, you don't have to take the whole package - you can choose any part or parts of our five part plan below. But, the key word is "consultation". We do not sell, computers, ancillaries or commercial software. We simply consult with you to advise what best meets your needs. Even with database applications where we DO have services we can sell you, we will still give you an honest evaluation of your needs.
  Crislis computing - total solutions - computers

Do you believe your present computer might be inadequate? Then we can provide the solution. We don't TELL you what we think you want - we establish your requirements and then advise you of what you need to meet them.
Whatever some dealers might tell you, you probably don't need the most up to date and powerful (and expensive!) computer they would like to sell you. We can then direct you towards the most suitable purchase (if one is necessary at all!), or build one for you - or upgrade your existing machine.
  Crislis Computing - Total solutions - ancillaries and peripherals

Printers and other ancillaries
What do you intend to print? What quality do you require? What other peripherals do you need? How much do you want to spend?
These and many more questions we will resolve with you and again advise you and if necessary set everything up for you so that it operates properly.
We work to ensure that you get the most appropriate equipment and obtain it at reasonable prices.
  Crislis computing - total solutions - software and databases

What is the best software for your needs? Again we establish YOUR requirements and advise you.
We can often save you several hundreds of pounds using our expertise in establishing the best software for you - rather than what Microsoft want to sell you. And you will STILL be totally compatible with everyone who throws their money at Microsoft.

And if you want something a little bit special - then we can write database software for you.
    Crislis computing - total solutions - training

No-one can teach you everything - whatever they may claim. But our experience and skill can teach you to get the best out of your machinery and software - and ensure you have the relevant skills to learn more if you wish.
  Crislis Computing - total solutions - internet, websites, domain names, web hosting 

Obviously if you are reading this you have access to the Internet. BUT do you have a website? Are you using the internet to expand your business? Perhaps you are not even using your own Internet account but would like, nevertheless to have a presence on the internet. Click here to find out about our Internet Solutions - again, tailored to YOUR requirements.

Whatever your computer related needs we can help you through consultation and advice on how you should proceed. A little time and money spent with us could save you a fortune with others whose only objective is to sell you equipment and materials far in excess of your needs and to make an obscene profit out of YOU in the process. Get in touch with us - you have little to lose and a great deal to gain.