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Welcome Picture Crislis is all about computing and IT solutions for small business.

We offer a selection of services specifically tailored to sole traders, small businesses and non-profit organisations. So often you hear that claim - you pursue it and find that what it means is 10-50 employees.

But we know that there are thousands of you who don't fall into that category. Family businesses, businesses with only one or two staff and so on. And those businesses, your businesses, are the backbone of the economy. You, as much as any other business, need to avail yourself of new technology, you need to maximise your productivity, you need to advertise and you need a presence on the internet.

And, of course, the same thing applies to local clubs, small charities and the like.

And these are the things we can help you with. We can advise on your computing requirements, help with software (even your own bespoke applications), give you an internet presence and give you training. And all of this is tailored to the genuine small business with 0-10 employees.

But, as you grow - we can still meet your needs. Because we can offer flexible services tailored to your growth. At prices you can afford.

Simply follow the menu items above to see what we can do for you.

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